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Walla Walla: Steeped in history, scenery and wine tasting

Walla Walla is one of the oldest towns in the West, and its position at the meeting point of two large waterways, the Columbia and the Snake Rivers, made it an important gathering point for native and European cultures. An important stop on pioneer routes and the home of early trailblazers and missionaries Marcus & Narcissa Whitman, the area became a culmination point and desired destination for thousands taking the Oregon Trail.

Farming & Wine
The fertile Columbia River Gorge is renowned for its agriculture. Wine has a long and increasingly fabled history here, and the Walla Walla wine industry has made a name for itself.

Scenery and Trails
The landscape and breathtaking views of the surrounding country make exploring fabulous and fun. Many walking and biking trails are nearby, and wildlife and vistas are all around on touring routes. Find out more by choosing the links below!

Further Explorations:

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Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance

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Biking, Bed & Breakfast

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