The Maxwell House has several rooms with all-season pricing. Please click on “Check Availability & Reserve Rooms” in the box to the right. We look forward to your stay at The Maxwell House, where innkeeper Penny Bingham waits to welcome you.

Availability is based on first-come-first-served reservations.

Clearly Crystal
New York Beauty Suite
Ravishing Rose California SUITE
$187 $187 $197 $262*

Prices are per night and are subject to change.
California Suite – two-night minimum with no “3-Night Special” on this room

Extra Rooms Available Upstairs

Brooklyn Heights is available as an extra “bonus room” space for those staying in either New York Beauty or California Suite who need extra beds; there are two twin beds in the room
• Two twin beds
• $60/night – one occupant
• $120/night – two occupants


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